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  • Mako 261B ?__Help

    Hi everyone I decited to join the site, been a mako fan for a while and just got my hands on a mako for the first time this is a project boat that someone started and never finish. I have a couple of questions. This is a 1987 261 mako, owner claims that is a 261B model

    is this true, also I have the title but can't find any # on the hull

    My main concern is it original B model or made and the HIN # can't find it

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    Id suggest opening up a photobucket account and upload some pics. I have no doubt the people here will be able to tell you exactly what you have as soon as they see it.

    Good luck with the boat.


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      Does is have an open or closed transom? Closed transom would mean it has a motor bracket.

      This is Ringleader's (the owner of CM) 261B:

      1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
      1985 Mako 20c - sold
      Fort Walton Beach, FL


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        PICS! []

        Welcome. There's been a '87 261 unfinished project on East NC CL for a little while now. Where you from?


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          thanks for the replys here are some pictures I'm from Miami FL and I purchase the boat in Naples around may of this year


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            It is not a "B". It's just a 261. The transom was enclosed by someone. That is not necessarily bad, but it is not factory.

            1987 chart


            1990 chart [1st year for a 261B] Note that it says 'FULL" under transom.



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              Here is the link of original post when it was for sale



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                He's deleted all the pix's from that.

                He stated


                The Armstrong bracket is OEM Mako.

                That is incorrect. Gill made the OEM brackets. Gill has been out of business for some time now. When those brackets were installed they were filled with foam, which is a BIG time screw up.


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                  I got the boat from him on may is the same boat now the bracket has no foam inside and the access openning are Armstrong [?]

                  Thanks for your help now I know that it was made , looks like they did a good job

                  In the pictures on the left side in the back there is a line crack is that something I should worry about is that normal or it means something is wrong could it be to much power or transom needs reinforcement? Thank you


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                    Da! As I said the pix's are deleted...We can't see them, so you will need to repost them.


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                      Sorry I was referring to my pictures the ones I post the ones deleted are the original post of the boat for sale back in may.


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