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Looks good but how to test

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  • Looks good but how to test

    This is my second Mako, the first was a great boat with great memories. I recently bought a 1981 Mako 21 that was an unfinished project without a motor. The owner was in the process of replacing the gas tank and for personal reasons was unable to finish the job. Thanks to finding this forum and all the well documented posts on tanks I believe I can finish the job. My next concern after reading other posts and some minor investigation is the condition of the transom. Before I install my engine I want to be a little more confident that it is in satisfactory condition. How can I test it properly? At what point should I consider replacing?

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    Look for cracks, separation and flex by leaning on the lower unit while the motor is up (I realise you said the motor was off). You can also remove fittings low in the transom and look for water exiting.
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      Without a motor, you can't do the typical test, but you can always drill a few holes in the transom and see the condition of the wood that comes out and how much water comes out. Lower is typically better as that is where the water will be. You can then fill the holes with thickenend epoxy and then paint over them (especially easy if you have bottom paint), or you can gelcoat the holes once you fill with epoxy.
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