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my 78 mako 20 needs a motor

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  • my 78 mako 20 needs a motor

    I just bought a nice old mako 20 it has a black max 175 that is not entirely hooked up. the previous owner said it runs. i did not buy the boat for the motor. Is the black max worth the time fixing up? or should I replace it? If so i am looking for an outboard around 150hp used. does any one know of any around?
    WM[br]DreamCatcher[br]89 Mako 260 twin Yamaha 200s[br]78 Mako 20 yamaha175 Sold[br]

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    I would at least try to get it running assuming I didn't have to sink a bunch of money in it.

    If you can get it running you could always use it until it blows and then repower. Or if you decided to sell it's worth more running.