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    Hello Everyone,

    New Guy here... First I'd like to say thanks for all of the great reading on this site!

    Just got my first boat... Can anyone identify her? The tags are faded and I can't read anything except 0251 which was stamped onto the tag on the console. Is it possibly a Mako 251?

    She is in good condition but I have a bit of work to do as of yet. So far I have removed the fuel fill hose, flushed the tank and had a doubler welded over the top of the fuel sending unit with a hole for the float - drilled and tapped for the unit to bolt to. I have purchased the new fill hose but forgot to get ABA hose clamps, tomorrow. Needs new running lights, batteries, racor filters, bottom paint, fuel lines and a good cleaning.

    Any suggestions on the best bang for the buck batteries? I do live on an island so shopping is limited - we have a K-Mart (which sells some Sears items) and a NAPA Auto Parts. Are GEL batteries any better than the rest? Also, does anyone know where you can a cover for the live well? It looks like there are some raised spots where an ice chest might fit into.

    Thanks to all that reply!

    BTW: I was going to post a picture but I'll have to figure out how, I don't see a button for it.

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    Pics would help for an Id. Hull deck console transom pics. What year does the title say?? We need a little more help to Id her. Best of luck with the new ride though. For the pics you need to have a photobucket account. Upload pics from computer to photobucket Then select the pics and generate a picture link copy and paste to a new topic under this thread. FYI you might want to post this in the discussion forum for more view and responses.
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      Thanks very much for the reply, I'll do just as you said.

      Have a great night!