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My Mako 17: Winter Project Planning

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  • My Mako 17: Winter Project Planning

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been reading the forums here for a while, and I love the site! Such great project threads, and I've been trying to read them all. So, I bought my Mako around 6 years ago and I keep it on a lift at my family's place on the Miles River in Maryland. I had a Johnson 90 on the back when I bought it in '05 or '06 and it wailed! One of the piston heads died, and I went and bought an old cheap Evinrude 75 for the back thinking I would sell the boat and get something larger.

    The past few months, I had a change of heart, and I am going to try and restore a little beauty to this great boat. I will be upgrading the engine in the spring to a newer Mercury 75.

    In the meantime, I plan on working on the boat this winter, and I sure could use some advice or ideas from everyone. Here is what I plan on doing, and if anyone has any suggestions, hit me with any advice! I am definitely a novice here, and I am only doing this project because I have a little time and I really want to do well by this girl. Here we go...

    -Remove Console

    -Check condition of Fuel Tank and repair/replace

    -Inspect Stringers

    -Remove/replace all fuel lines, steering cable, electrical lines, lights for bow,

    -Either build a new console or repair existing. New tachometer and gauges

    -Install 2 batteries (necessary? or just have 1?)

    -New T-top

    -Electronics box on top for stereo, vhf radio

    -New Engine

    -Possibly paint sides, and definitely new bottom paint

    The floor is in pretty excellent condition from what I see and feel when I walk around the boat. There is a lot of oxidation as you all can see so hopefully a little rubbing compound will spiff it up nice and clean. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they would do? I plan on restoring so that I can have another good 5-10 years on this little beauty, and I definitely want to do it RIGHT!

    Here are some pictures, and I hope to post some more as I start working on it in the next few weeks.


    Classy Dave

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    It sounds like you have a good attack plan thought it. I would say the tank and wiring are for sure the main things to look at . Your list is a big one and may take more than the winter. If you try and tackle it all you may get discouraged in many different ways and give up or sell. I have seen it happen all to often. Do enough so you can use it by spring time
    1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]