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    Hello all, Im Rob and have been lurking this site on and off for a while, so now I have gone off the deep end and purchased a classic mako.this is not my first restore but its my largest, and I will need lots of help from you mako guys. Now about the boat shes a 1974 or 73 mako 22 and in very good condition for a restore, I have not done anything yet other than bag up most of the loose trash and leaves etc. Its equipped with an older ocean pro 150 looper, my first thought was to remove it and sell it for scrap but it was very clean and the compression checked out so I may have an outboard to sell, part out or use on the boat. So any input on a 150 on a boat that size would be great I worry it may be underpowered, but thats some months away. I know this will most likely be a stringer transom replacement and I guess that works out to a lot of grinding and glass I have a basic idea what I want to do, however I wonder how hard it would be to remove the cap to make the glass work easer, could a cap this size22feet be removed by one person and refitted? And if so would it be worth it? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for everyones patience and ideas, and if you have any suggestions please feel free to comet. Rob

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    150 may be slightly underpowered and I have seen caps removed on here but not sure on the size. Once get ready to dig in post on discussions and you may get more help, projects section would be more help once you get started. Good luck
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      Hi Robbie,

      We just bought this boat last month. Dave Hodson did a rebuild on it and I think this is what you are talking about. There are a ton of pictures that he posted. Hope it helps.
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        On my 21 project, I just removed the back 3 feet of the cap. This allowed me to rebuild the transom and tie them into the stringers nicely.... If you have stringer damage, then most remove the floor but not the whole cap.

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