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    Good afternoon, all.

    I've been a lurker for a while and just picked up my first Mako a few weeks ago. I got a 1996 19' Center Console. Picked it up for a good price and the wife is very happy with it, as am I.

    I will say, this is a very strange Mako to me as it seems to have things that I've never seen on a Mako. Perhaps you could enlighten if these are stock items. If not, a quick Hello will do too. :-)

    The first is an anchor locker drain that goes directly out the hull towards the front. It makes sense, I guess, but I've never seen anything like it.

    Additionally, I have a starboard insert for the forward v-seating. I didn't think that would be something that Mako would have made, but it's really useful.

    There are other questions and ideas I have, but I really just wanted to introduce myself, more than anything.

    Talk to you all soon!
    \'96 Mako 19 w Mercury 150 (Yeah, not really a \"Classic\")[br]Jupiter, FL

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    Welcome to CM![]
    David, New Kent, Va[br]

    [br]Project Thread:[br]