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    Hi guys! I'm a new member and currently own a 1976 Mako 23 CC that I bought back in July of this year. I have the possible opportunity to have a 1980ish Make 25 CC if my offer is accepted. I was just wondering if anyone has any experience with the 25. Interested to know how they handle/run and any other problematic things to look for other than the obvious i.e. squishy decks, gas tank and transom. I own a marine electronics shop so wiring is of no worry. If the deal goes through, it'd be an absolute steal and the existing engine would be coming off and a re-power would be done in the future. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to bounce any electronics questions off me as well!


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    I've been fishing out of a 1985 M25 w/ a Yamaha 250 for several years, and just recently bought a 1988 23' with an Opti 225. Both have been great to fish out of.

    I like the add'l seat in front of the console on the 23, and really like that it tilts forward for access under the console. Spent plenty of time already sitting inside the console working.

    Both boats have been very dry, even in moderate seas. The 23 seems to have a "heavier" feel to it. So much so that my wife even noticed the first time out. She said it felt like a "tank" compared to the 25.

    Plenty of storage in both.

    Oh yeah, my wife likes the gunwale on the 25 better. It's a little higher.
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