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    i have a new 18 l.t.s. and the drain plug does not fit into the hole from the outside and getting to it from the inside is `hell. do they make a special plug that is shorter in length or has anyone got a better suggestion. thanks

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    Brand new 18 mako? Can you offer up a picture? You talking about bilge garbord drain plug? If new check with bass pro or your dealer
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      You have a rubber plug which is designed to be inserted into the hole, then the handle is turned clockwise which squeezes the rubber creating a larger diameter and therefore a tight seal. You need to turn the handle counter clockwise while holding the plug and it will reduce the diamater and make it easier to insert. When you install the plug, you need to tighten the plug and then you loosen it to remove!
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        Two types of plugs, lever and screw in T-handle. Flip the lever straight to insert, might have to unscrew it a little. Flip the lever over 90 degrees to tighten. Same for the T-handle, unscrew the T handle until the plug slips in, then push in the drain hole and tighten.

        Remember they are adjustable, if the plugs are "screwed down" too much they will not enter the drain hole.

        Yea I know, the bottom paint is horrible, but it is coming off this winter during the rebuild.

        Drain plug tips: Always have spares readily accessible in the boat. And prior to launch, when the boat is still on the trailer, walk around to the transom and look for a plug. Check to be sure it is tight. If your plug enters from the inside, stick your finger in the drain hole to be sure a plug is there!! Push on it to be sure it is tight.


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          Thanks to everyone that tried to offer help This is me eighth boat and the problem is not that easy. the drain plug has a raised lip around the perimeter of the inside about a half inch in and no plug will go in far enough to tighten or secure. My dealer is going to take pictures and send to Mako. He is also going to fix the problem by trying to grind the lip down or removing the the insert and installing a new one. Hoping Mako picks up the tab. Thanks again.


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            Sounds like the guy that installed the tube at the fatory was a temp hire day worker.


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              Thanks WOODHUNTER. I don,t get it. This drain hole insert makes no sense. On the outside it looks like any other yet maybe it,s used for something else entirely and someone picked it up and thought " Ah - this might work. The dealer said it was sent to them with the drain plug in the boat from the inside and he cut his arm up badly trying to get it out to let standing water out of the boat after some heavy rains. Came off the water yesterday 9/11 on wed. and found my two large dry storage areas aft were not dry at all nor was my gear. Another dealer told me this problem is also known by mako and they have some large rubber boot or something to keep this from happening. Guess I,ll call Mako and see if they can help. Thanks again for the input......QUICK STICK.


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                It would be good if you gave us some pics to look at. Messing with my own boat I noticed an open intake for the aerator pump and had to use two different sized plugs. One small for the outside and one for the inside. It was very hard to get to as well....
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                  Not really any way to get a picture of the inside of the drain plug. One inch diameter and dark inside. The part that,s most disturbing to me is not getting the call or email i was promised by the person who i explained all this to over the phone. But then, they already have my thirty thou so they choose to " Forsake-o my Mako ". Seems as though you and a few others care more about it than they do. SAD


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                    Here's a pic of what the transom fittings for my deck drains look like.

                    There are brass nubs cast into the out feed side of the fittings to prevent plugs

                    from being inserted.

                    Maybe some numbskull used the wrong fitting for your bilge drain, then decided no one would notice if he plugged it from the inside.

                    I've thought about using a reamer to remove the nubs, but can't see why I'd EVER plug those holes.
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