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    Hello All!

    I almost made the biggest mistake of my boating life this year! [B)]I have owned my 1985 Mako 171 since 2002 when I bought it for $3500 with a practically brand new Johnson 115 which still had 1 years of warranty left on it. In 06 times got tough and she sat in the elements until the end of last year.[] Well first off trailer needed a complete refurbish and after pricing around I though why not upgrade to a newer boat with a good trailer with a bad motor.[] Done a net search while at work (14-14) and found several boats that we (me/wife) were going to look at. When I got home I started calling to set up a time to look at and I mean literally all had sold just hours before my call [:0] except for one. Now I am not superstitious or anything but told the wife that something is telling us to fix the trailer and stick with the old Mako! Anyhow so now we are headed to Texas City to look at the one boat that was left, it had a motor problem but ran and was fished every weekend, the plan being put the 115 on the 2000 model boat slap the problem motor on the Mako and recoup some money. Half way there the owner calls and says he has to make a run into Galveston and would be a little late so we stop in Kemah and eat at Joes Crab Shack to kill some time, well setting across the street is this 2100 Striper walk around that the wife falls in love with! [] At this point I am like ok we already have a plan lets just stick to it. At this time start heading to Texas City all the while trying to call the owner of the boat we were initially heading to look at, well you guessed it no response [!] and I say thats it! We are keeping the Mako! Well on the way home the wife says lets stop and look at the cuddy cabin again and just call and see what they are asking (note at this time I did not know Mako had a cuddy cabin model) long story short here we bought it with the plan of going ahead and repairing the trailer and selling the Mako (the almost biggest mistake) anyway another long story short after figuring out we couldnt put the big boat in the water for less $300 and I can run all day long on $65 in the Mako with the only difference being the wife doesnt have a place to take a nap in out of the rain (I am no fair weather fisherman) combined with fishing with several other friends in their newer boats getting beat to death in in seas that my little 17 laughs at well she may be ugly (for now the crystal ball foretells a full restore in the future) but she will never be owned by another in my life time! [][]

    Below are my numbers can anyone give me the info on them?


    So Hello again and thanks for such a great site!
    Training that brings about no change is as affective as a parachute that opens on the first bounce.[br]

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    You know what they say....if the wife ain't happy no one is happy! Sell the little mako for a classic mako cuddy!
    1984 Mako 238 WA [br]2015 Suzuki 250 APX[br]Central PA/OCMD[br][br]


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      Think I will keep the cuddy I got for right now but I did get the green light to start looking for a 22-26 foot CC Classic Mako! She wants a little more room to move around in. Even so the 17 is such a sweet little boat just don't see myself being able to turn loose of it!
      Training that brings about no change is as affective as a parachute that opens on the first bounce.[br]


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        Hey Sailor. Anyone reads my posts knows I've going through a hell of a nightmare with my 17, but when I'm at the ramp and gas station looking at the hassle the others go through (pot calling the kettle black) I kinda wanna hug my Shark a bit tighter.

        Keep the 17". Give it some love!
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