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    Howdy Guys,

    Been lurking on the forum for around a week or so now so I figured I would introduce myself. My name is Mason and I am out of Wilmington, NC. Turning 20 at the end of this week. This summer I decided I want a bigger boat that my 15' skiff after having it in the mouth of the Cape Fear all summmer. I have always liked the older makos and seacrafts but around here makos are eaiser and cheaper to come by. After finding this site I would say I am hooked. Working on a couple leads on either a 19 or 20 footer.
    Wilmington, NC[br]- 2004 Long Bay Boats 1500 Backwater

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    Welcome. Good luck in your search. I looked at a 20 in Wilmington that was in pretty rough shape. Take your time looking. There's plenty of them for sale to pick from right now.