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NEWBIE w/ 23ft 1978 Inboard - maybe sell?

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  • NEWBIE w/ 23ft 1978 Inboard - maybe sell?

    Hey Guys and Dolls,

    My quick history. My name is Jacques Mersereau and I am from Ann Arbor, MI, but my parents used to own a house down in Delray Beach, FL. Hence, I was an early Mako fan. When my Grandmother passed,

    I took my inheritance and purchased a 1978 Mako straight inboard with the merc chevy 350 gas engine.

    I bought the boat new from Fisherman's Paradise in Miami (Hi Ira!), and it was one of the very first out of the Mako factory with the new deep v design. Years passed as I trailered it back and forth to Michigan, where it now sits unused.

    I put it away about six years ago and have been unable to use it, which is a shame,

    so I am thinking about selling it. I know its worth depends on many things. From what

    I know, mine will need batteries and whatever has gone south sitting for six years has wrought (I hope the engine isn't sized), even if, we all know that comes down to money.

    Anyway, what might a 1978 23 ft straight inboard w. chevy 359 gas go for - say anywhere from poor condition (bad motor) to good? Of course there are some a couple of scratches and such, but from what I know, the boat is a built like a TANK.

    Thanks in advance. Good to be here.


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