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  • New / Trying to post pics?

    Marty here. Bought a 1977 17" last year. It was shrunkwrapped and not used for years. Got allot of work ahead of me.

    I would like to post some pics but cant figure out how to.

    Can someone help out?



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    Ok. Here is the first pic.


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      Looks like a great project Mako.
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        I'm trying to get it running first. Not using the main fuel tank. Carbs rebuilt, fuel pump gone over, new water impeller. Tried kicking it over. Starter solenoid got stuck as I was turning the key. Positive battery cable got very hot and smoked. Now I have to go through those components.


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          Here are a few more pics.


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            Nice looking 17 looks like it been well taken care of Iam also trying to figure out how to post pics but have had no luck so far Ive just about give up. I sent you e-mail maybe you can help me out. Ive fallowed dir. in different messages but it not working so far.
            Steve 72 Mako 17 Angler


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              In regards to posting the pics.

              First you have to create an account with photo bucket. It's free.

              From there you are able to choose the pics from there you want to post.


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                Mack...why restore that boat? Looks like it sits high in the water judging by the boot stripe...hull looks good...its obviously been well taken care of. Is your transom bad? Grab the engine skeg while its tilted up and lift up as hard as you can..if it flexes...OK, but otherwise...why spend the time and money on a boat that looks to be in pretty good shape? Trust me, once you cut into that thing it'll be an expensive time of hard work and headaches! Not to mention terminal itc*****s...although its worth it in the long run, I wouldn't do it unless you have boat almost sunk the last time I took it out...had to be rebuilt.

                Not trying to talk you out of anything...


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                  Thanks for the advise. I feel the some way with the direction I need to take. As of right now my evaluation of it so far is I need to get it running, the wiring under the Center Console is cracked, and I need to do some surface repairs of the gel coat. Also the coffin cover is spongy and requires replacement.

                  Long term would be to restore the hull and interior and repaint.

                  I will for sure do that inspection like you said with the transom.

                  I will attach pics of the areas that need repair.



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