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Newbie needing help with a 1995 205DC

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  • Newbie needing help with a 1995 205DC

    Hi all. My name is Adam and I just bought my first boat, a 1995 205DC with a 200hp Yamaha SWS.

    The hull is great, the engine runs well (with good compressions), so the basics are good. I am working through new batteries, new oil, treating the fuel, and a good cleaning.

    My first hurdle is that I don't know what some of the switches under the helm are supposed to do! I've figured some out, but others nothing seems to happen, and I cannot tell if lights/pumps/electronics are working or not.

    Anyone with an owners manual (digital scan would be awesome), or who can even just list them from left to right, would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you all for making this site such a wonderful resource!

    1995 Mako 205 Dual Console, Yamaha 200hp 2-Stroke

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    Welcome to CM, need to send some pic'c.
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