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New Member w/ Question on '98 22'

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  • New Member w/ Question on '98 22'

    Hello and thank you in advance for any responses and help. I am a member of Classic SeaCraft, have a '78 23' SeaCraft myself, but have watched closely a couple of the incredible Mako restorations from members on this site and I'm hoping to tap into the the knowledge of the membership here.

    Question I have is for a friend considering a 1998 22' Mako center console. The boat is in Mass., has a 225 Merc EFI, T-Top, basic electronics and what appears to be a galvanized Load Rite tandem axle trailer, with an ask of $10,500. Question is, besides the usual things to look for on any boat that age (wet/soft transom, decks, etc.) are there any particular known issues with this model boat and also the motor and is the ask price realistic?

    Again, thanks in advance for any help.

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    Hey there Water Rat. If you're talking about the 22 in Bass River, I took it out for a test ride last weekend after I lost out on a 231. The boat seemed solid - no evidence of soft spots or transom issues. Was generally impressed with the boat and the guy who took me out (owner's dad) was a great guy. The boat could use a little TLC, but nothing major jumped out at me. Had some decent electronics too. Price seems right for the boat - a good deal assuming there are no hidden issues.
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      Thank you very much for the reply; could not have asked for better

      first-hand report than this.