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  • Rookie member, Veteran boat

    I've been looking in from time to time, but just recently joined. Seems like a great group.

    Soon I'll be starting a re-hab project on the boat I practically grew up on, my dad's '75 Mako 20'. Way too many memories to let the boat just fall apart (fishing and diving in the Keys, waiting with rafts of refugees for the CG to show up, weather we should never have been out in,...)

    The goal is to get it back in shape, and him out fishing in it, while his health still allows.

    I've already learned a lot about what I need to do by just looking thru past posts. Thanks already.

    “On the days where I keep my gratitude higher than my expectations, I have really good days.”

    M20 project-Finally Splashed!

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    Welcome to CM! Sounds like a great plan and looking forward to seeing your progress.
    1978 Mako 25 - Blind Hog
    1985 Mako 20c - sold
    Fort Walton Beach, FL