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Posting pixs with & Resizing Pixs

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  • Posting pixs with & Resizing Pixs

    Posting Pixs using

    Once you sign up a page comes up that has [add pix's]---------Browse

    Hit the Browse a window will open to your computer. You have to get to the right file that your pix's are in. If it's not on the right folder

    at the top where it say's [Look In] then hit the drop down arrow and other folders will show up. once your in the right folder Example: My Pix's. then go thru that folder to find the pix you want to upload.

    Click on that pix and then hit Open at the bottom right of that window.

    Then that pix will be in the PhotoBucket box. Then hit Submit.

    Now the pix has been up loaded. To put the pix on the forum page, Find the pix in PhotoBucket and highlight the 4th row of writing under the pix. [img Code] Then left click and hit [Copy] Then go to the forum page and hit paste. It's now on the forum.

    This is new to this old post. Photobucket has made many upgrades since I wrote all of this. It is now very easy to resize your pix's with PhotoBucket. You still want to use the 640 X 480"red">

    I know that's plenty to figure out, but here are some more things to do when your pasting pix's to the forum page.

    You want to make the pix's 640X480 Before you upload them to photoBucket. If you don't then the whole pix will not show on the page and you have to run the page back and forth [left to right] to see everything. It takes much longer for people that have dialup for the pix's to load when their larger too.

    The only other thing is when posting pix's is let's say you wrote something. Before you paste the pix to the page hit the [enter key] twice. This give's a little margin. Hit the [enter key] twice between pasting the next pix and so on. If you don't they kind'a all run together.

    Now give it a try. If you have problems I'll talk you thru it, but start another thread.

    Resize pix's the easy way

    Found this on THT. This is for XP operating system only

    Look halfway down the page for

    Image Resizer

    Download ImageResizer.exe

    521 KB 2 min @ 28.8 Kbps

    Install it. Now all you have to do is put the curser in the middle of the pix and [right click] Look at the drop down list and find [Resize Pictures] [left click] that and a new box will open to let you Resize your pix's. Remember to post pix's on a forum you want them 640X480 or Small on the list that opens. This should be VERY useful and cut out some steps.

    Thanks to Reel-Rascals for finding this.

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    Been quiet lately, out of town and mainly just lurking, but feel I must mention something. Noticed some talk recently of resizing pics, and noticed that some of you are using to host your pics. The easiest way Ive noticed to do this is with the Photobucket service.

    When looking at your pics in their respective albums , click the EDIT button above the desired pic, one of the options given on the next page is reduce the size of the pic by 75 , 50 , and 25 % of the original. Doesnt take some computer wiz with some fancy software to accomplish this feat. The Photobucket service has it built in. Just thought I would mention that to those that didnt know already.
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      Bobby, I tried that link and it's for the forum sign-up. It may not have been that way in the past, but now forums and albums require different signups. You must go to to get an album.
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        Hey ... I just noticed that Photobucket has a resizing and rotating option under the edit button. My camera under the default settings takes pictures at 1280X960 pixels. I did the 50% reduction option on the edit page and it came out @ 640X480 ... bingo?
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          To resize on PhotoBucket, goto your Photo Album like mine:

          Then hit the edit button for the photo that you want to resize:

          Select the % of resize that you want (as mentioned my camera under the default settings takes pictures at 1280X960 pixels and 50% takes it to 640x480). You can rotate as well.
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            [][][][][] You did good, No OUTSTANDING![][]


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              thank you, thank you, Im sure Eds getting tired of fixing my screw ups with my pic posting.[^]


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                When I left click on pic after finding it in Photobucket copy is not a choice. Right clicking gives me the choice however, when I go to paste it on the forum paste is not a choice. I am sure it is something simple that I am not doing but, I can't figure it out.Any help would be appreciated.

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                  This is using Windows 2000. Windows98 and 95 should be the same choices. XP should also give you there choices.

                  Right click in the "Message" box:

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                    From the beginning:

                    Right Click on the IMG line ======> COPY

                    Then right click on the "message" box at =====> Paste

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                      Just wondering Rude. Do you ever work to pay off all the labor your wonderful brother is doing on the boat or do you just take him for granted? Ha Ha!! I finally got my computer!!! Just had to give you a hard time.[][}]
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                        I registered but I never got a page that said "add pix". I looked all over. HELP!!!! Thanks.
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                          volsfan. Once you create an account and log in, you should get a page that looks like this.

                          Click the BROWSE button, chose the file (~800x600 in jpg format) yu want to pu in the album, then SUBMIT.

                          If you want more than one picture in the album, select the number of pictures under SUBMIT MULTIPLE PICTURES.

                          Hope that helps.
                          Artie Sutherland[br]Rude Attitude -\'76 Mako 25 CC. - SOLD[br]1976 Mako 21[br]2002 Yellowfin 31 - 300 hp Suzukis[br]Gulf Coast, Mississippi[br]


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                            Thanks Artie. I'll give it a try.
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                              Okay, I've got the pictures uploaded to photobcket but when I highlight the 3rd row under the pic and left click, I don't get the option of "copy". What am I doing wrong?
                              Tony C.[br]S. Daytona, FL[br]Boatless...for now[br]