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Twin 200 evinrude prop size on 251 CC

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  • Twin 200 evinrude prop size on 251 CC

    So Im currently running counter rotating 15x17 3 blade ss props o my 96 evinrude 200 ocean pros. My boat is a 1991 251 FWP CC. At the dock I have to use only one motor because its to fast at idle with both. And that idle is on point at around 700-800 rpm ( not bad for older motors). The things gets up and hauls ass And cruises nice around 4000 rpms. But from there to wot it it not as much of a difference in speed probably 38-48 mph. I did the prop wizard and it recommended 14 1/4 x19. Basically is anyone running similar and what are your results/ numbers.? I just feel like at the dock its moving too fast.