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Yamaha f 350 purchase help

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  • Yamaha f 350 purchase help

    2017 f350

    1683 hrs

    1004 hrs under 1000rpm( slow trolled)

    443 hrs 4000-5000

    35 hrs 5000-6000

    Rest between 2000-3000

    0 over heats

    3 over revs

    Max speed (rpms) 6450

    Everything else normall

    Owner admitted he hit a few waves during a shotgun start king tournament.

    I notice he put 50 or so hrs on engine before putting them for sale. Swears they run great and zero issues

    Warranty till 2022

    He bought them 8-2017

    Question: I know over revs are bad but I dont know enough to know if I should run from this deal or not.

    Could be a great repowering for my 25 when Im done rebuilding.

    What say you fellow sharks?

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    I'm not worried about the engine bouncing off the rev limiter. That's what its there for, to protect the motor.

    I was looking at F350's too. I'd be more concerned about the flywheel issues Yamaha can't fix. But this one has a warranty. I'd inquire whether or not the flywheels are covered under warranty.

    Personally, I've stopped looking at 350's
    [br]Michael R. Delgado[br]1972 Mako 22[br][br]1976 Mako 25[br],25[br]


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      Hey Michael! I think I may back out. In a picture you can see a water stain line and the other motor twin looks like it is caked in mud. Almost looks like they may have been in mud for a while or sunk.

      9 grand for a 2017 350??? Hmmmm......

      Did You get a zuke for your 25? Doss sent me a message saying a guy that lives near me and also fishes Oak Island just bought one from them.

      Im thinking Ill be ready to buy in a month. Going to try a zuke 300.

      If You got one how is it on the 25? Pretty sure we have the same hull. Im near lake Wylie in NC by the way. Belmont.


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        I have a suzuki 300 on a 25' WA. Does everything I could ask for with at a great value.
        1998 253 W/A Suzuki 300