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20C Repower Thoughts.....Again

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  • 20C Repower Thoughts.....Again

    Hello all. Hope you had a great holiday season and enjoyed the game last night. Putting the duck decoys away and "springerizing/summerizing" my duck boat.

    Pulled the Mako cover off and washed her down, charged the batteries and fired up the Yamaha 150TXR. This motor has been problem free, easy to perform maintenance on and actually not too bad on fuel economy for a 2 stroke. I'm looking for better fuel economy this season to not necessarily go out further, just want to stay out a little longer without the second half of a trip staring at a fuel gauge and starting to stress. I just don't like the idea of pushing it to get back on the trailer with 10-15 gallons left.

    4 strokes have come down in weight significantly since I looked last. My current motor weighs 426 lbs according to specs. A battery sat on top of the cowling doesn't make the boat sit unacceptably so in the water to mimic the 480-ish pounds of the 4 strokes I'm considering.

    Those of you who've been into an older 20c or 20, do you think the transom design is up to hauling that kind of weight? The motor notch in the transom is wide enough to accommodate twin 90s etc and in 1987, a pair of them would tip over the 500lb mark.

    I'm strongly considering a new Yamaha F175 at 480ish. I like the E tec on paper but just too afraid of the emm and injector boogie man whether its really under my bed or not. Yamaha have always treated me right and I've already got a Yam binnacle rigged.
    1987 Mako 20C[br]2007 Yamaha 150TXR[br]1973 Mako 17 Angler - SOLD[br]

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    Have a 1975 Mako 20 put a new 2014 mercury 150l 4 stroke fuel economy went to 4 mpg. runs 42mph. had a 1997 Evinrude 200 got 1.75mpg all fuel economy was average for day.


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      I'm looking hard at the 150 Merc too. Looks like street price is around $2500 less but I'd be in for new controls. Not that big a deal but something to consider. At 455 pounds, its closer in weight to the current motor.
      1987 Mako 20C[br]2007 Yamaha 150TXR[br]1973 Mako 17 Angler - SOLD[br]


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        Anybody got any experience with the Merc 150 Pro XS?
        1987 Mako 20C[br]2007 Yamaha 150TXR[br]1973 Mako 17 Angler - SOLD[br]


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          No direct experience here but having a similar boat, I've put myself through these mental gymnastics every once in a while. I've got a 99 Johnson 150 2 stroke which gets right around 2 MPG. I recently ran out of my first 6 gallons of 2 stroke oil and decided to try to figure out how long it would take for a 4 stroke to pay off.

          I ran 6 gallons of oil ($15/g) and 300 gallons of rec ($3.25/g) over 20 trips in 9 months.

          At 2 MPG that is 612 miles or ~30.6 miles per average trip for ~15 gallons.

          Assuming I could get 4 MPG with a 4 stroke, not counting in oil since I would have to do changes on the 4s, I would have saved ~$25/trip with a 4 stroke, or ~$675 a year. All this means that even if I could upgrade for a $6750, it would take 10 years to break even, which leads me to say that if it ain't broke, don't fix it. However, if you are starting with a full 60 gallons and burning ~45 gallons each trip, you should make back your money in a third of the time it'll take me.

          Now all that being said, it sure would be nice to double my range, cut the number of trips to the gas station in half, have a nice, quite motor that doesn't smoke, not have to premix, etc., which seems like is a big part of your goals.

          As for weight, it seems like a Suzuki 140 or those new Mercury 3.4s are the lightest, but I've read they are high cost and have a long lead time, which points a lot of guys to a Suzuki. A Suzuki 200 is a good amount more in weight than my current 2 stroke though (370 vs 518).
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            Keep in mind that at idle you will be burning about .3 gph with a four stroke vs 1.5-2 gph with a two stroke so it all depends on how you use it, not to mention the reliability of a four stroke. I wish I would have put a 150 or 175 suzuiki on my old 20c and I think it would have been the perfect match.
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