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2 300 VERADOS on 261?

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  • 2 300 VERADOS on 261?

    I have 2 300 Inline 6 Verados that I want to pout on my 1989 261. I'm closing in the Transom and adding a 30inch offset bracket. Anyone seen this done before? I can't find any older makos with Verados.

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    Its a lot of weight, make sure its got a big tub. I think there was recently a 282 for sale with 300 vrods and theres a 262 with 300 zukes. Move as much weight as possible up front and remove as much weight from the ass end.

    If it doesnt handle the weight would you be more likely to sell the verados and repower or sell hull and find one that can handle the motors? If youd keep the hull, then bolt em up and give it a try.
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      The only one I've seen successful done is the project dreamboat 261b in the classified section.