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Mid matched twins 150/175

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  • Mid matched twins 150/175

    Any harm in setting up a 25 with twins this way?

    Yam apparently doesnt make a counter rotation 175.

    Ive been told I may can take a counter rotation foot of a two hundred and put it one a 175 but not sure. Ive also been told it would be cost prohibitive to go that route.

    Doesnt seem to me that there would be a problem simply getting a counter rotation 150 and link it with my 175.

    What Im trying to do is come out as cheap as I can. Id prefer a single f300.

    I currently have a new 175 on my 21 I rebuilt. Moving up to a 25. It will take me a year to rebuild the 25. Not sure which way is best. Sell my 21 with motor to go towards a f300

    Or just buy additional f150 and link it. Id rather have the single 300.

    Any adviice is appreciated!

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    If youd rather have a 300, Id say go that route rather than experiment to try and get something you dont want.
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