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  • evinrude question

    I run a 1979 Evinrude 100hp motor that i did a complete rebuild on 2 years ago and would like to go to a 140 my thought was to find a bad 140 power head rebuild it and put it on my current lower unit the drive shaft and gear set are the same according to Evinrude parts list what I am curios about where does the extra 40 hp come from is it the carbs port timing or what and would it be possible to mod the 100 to a 140

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    Parts list at shows same pistons and crankshaft, but different block and heads. Would be same bore and stroke but maybe different compression ratio. Main difference is carbs. Lots of parts from 85 to 140 are interchangeable. Check out the making 140hp with a 115hp Evinrude. It states difference is also in exhaust porting. Good luck