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  • Re-power questions

    I've found a decent deal on a 2010 Yamaha 250 4 stroke and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on it. Couple questions I have are:

    1) Motor is a guide re-power with 1200 hours. From what I've read it's barely broken in, is this a good assumption?

    2) On my 231 I'm currently running a ox66 225 with a 19p prop, what is going to be a good starting point for propping the 250?

    3) From what I've read I can use the harness from the ox66 on the 4 stroke. It's not a direct plug in but the harness can be spliced together. Does anyone know how to do this? Anyone in my area that knows and could help if I do it? Jeff? Marc?

    Any info would be appreciated.
    '90 Tuppens 231 Polk City, FL

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    Hey there, I had a Yamaha 150 on my 191 for about 6 years, put 500 hours on it and it was flawless when I sold the boat. I can't really answer any of your questions directly, and I'm not trying to be a dic& here, but when you say 1200 hours is barley broken in, it sounds a lot like you are trying to talk yourself into believing this a great bargain. Having done this to myself a few times, and usually regretting it most times, my advice is truly be objective.