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  • FICHT 175

    I've got a '99 175 FICHT on my Sea Pro 1900 Bay and last time I had it out I noticed a slight surge while running at 3k-3500 rpms. Would drop 100-400 rpms for about 1-3 seconds then return to normal on a fairly consistent rhythm. At first it was almost un-noticeable other than a slight sound change, but after 10 min or so even wife started noticing it. I'm thinking it's fuel related, maybe in need of a new separator/filter? I didn't notice it on the trip out, only on the return. When it would start to drop I was able to throttle it up with no hesitation. Once in the channel it calmed down enough I was able to open it up, and it didn't do it for the 3 minutes or so at WOT. I ran out of road so I couldn't run any longer at that speed (nearly 60mph) and the rest of the trip was inshore with a 25mph limit. It didn't seem to do it much after that but . I would still like to figure out what it is. Especially since I'm selling the boat.
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    Start with the simple filters and plugs. Then move on to more complex like the vst cleanout and pump screen clean. I would not spend much money on it though. The early Ficht 175 dont have much value...unfortunately. that was THE engine that brought OMC to their knees...
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      "....I noticed a slight surge while running at 3k-3500 rpms."

      In the interest of technical accuracy and correct usage:

      RPM = revolutionSid="red"> per minute. No need to add the extra "s" on the end.
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        I've seen this before on my old engines and it was the water pump giving out.. Something to look into..


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          my hpdi would do this and it was 99% of the time the VST filter. Keep your fuel clean with this engines and your filters changed. If your's is still running you might have one of the unicorn fichts, i.e etec version 1.
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