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Chasing a Gremlin

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  • Chasing a Gremlin

    So I fixed the trim motor and the engine went up and down...more a little while.

    Next day I go and the engine goes up but not down. I jiggle the wires and the solenoid's and it now works in both directions. Then it only goes up. I buy 2 new solenoids install them and it goes both directions...and then it only goes up.

    When I hit the switch on the engine I hear and feel a clicking noise on one of the solenoids that I assume is the one not working. I checked all the connections and they seem ok.

    It must be something simple that I'm not seeing as it works intermittently.

    Anyone run into this or have any ideas?
    20 Seacraft MA undergoing some work[br]

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    You are referring to solenoid but do you mean relays? On my neighbors old Evinrude the relay socket had loose connections and the tilt motor worked intermittently. We replaced the socket assembly and all was fine.
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      That may be my next move
      20 Seacraft MA undergoing some work[br]


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        Those relays get there power to actuate from both your control handle and the little switch on the side of motor.. this voltage gives them the ability to "click" They also need a strong 12 volts coming from the battery. Usually this is in the form of large red wires coming from the relay going to the hot side of the starter solenoid. take a wire brush and clean up all those connections and retighten the nut.
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          Check over your ground wires as well. more times then not, it's a bad ground causing intermittent issues.
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            When looking over the harness that you plug the 2 relays into I noticed on one of them, and its the side in question, that someone had applied some type of black plastic liquid tape to it. Seems like they tried a quick fix that does not work.

            Went online and ordered a new one off ebay for $25

            Hopefully it solves the issue
            20 Seacraft MA undergoing some work[br]