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Repower 1979 mako23

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  • Repower 1979 mako23

    Any suggestions on repower for this hull thnx

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    What year? I have a '79 235. Owners manual says it weighs 2400 lbs dry weight. I have run a half dozen different Merc V6s from 150 to 200hp 2 stroke. All perform close to the same- top end about 40 mph with fishing load. Current set up is Merc 150 4 stroke. Same top end performance with better low and mid range torque and twice the MPG as the 2 strokes. Only down side to 4S is I can not work on it- but then with 5 year warranty - I don't have to.

    I have 2 of the 4S 150s on different boats and neither has needed any attention other than oil and lower lube change.

    Hey Merc haters- do a little research on the 150 4S before you go spouting off- these engines are lasting over 5000 hours.


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      Hi mines 79 mako23 cc have been running 175hp 2 stroke under powered just got back into finishing rebuild pretty sure going with g2 200 or more single no bracket not many people talk about whether their happy with floation brackets or not