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Issue with 2005 Johnson 150 2-stroke

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  • Issue with 2005 Johnson 150 2-stroke

    I got my 254 about 2 months ago and both motors would crank no problem. I started fumbling with the awful wiring under the console and now the port motor wont crank at all. I did remove the port tach because it was pretty much junk. Would removing the tach prevent the motor from cranking?

    Im kind of new to this whole boat electrical thing, but I have a LOT of experience with automotive electrical systems.
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    At least on my Johnson (2003) the engine has a plug to the tach which also warns for low oil, temp etc.

    Try switching the plug with the good tach.

    If that is not the case you can bypass the ign switch by just jumping the wires.

    Also don't forget they have a safety switch that kills the ign when pulled.

    If still nothing jump the starter solenoid.
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      And make sure shifter is in neutral
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        Look for a loose wire going up to the shifter. If I remember right it will be a yellow wire with maybe a black tracer in it. Should be 2 wires going to shifter When In neutral the switch basically connects those wires together to enable the engine to crank.
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