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Mako 260 Repower 25" or 30" shaft

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  • Mako 260 Repower 25" or 30" shaft

    I have a 1989 Mako 260 Walkaround. I want to do a repower and I need to know if I have 25" or 30" shafts. I currently have a pair of Yamaha 200 L200ETXF engines and even Yamaha can't tell me what the shaft length is. Thanks for any info. I'm thinking of going with Merc Verado 225s

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    My 1989 260 has twin Yamaha 200's with 25" shafts. Let me know how the repower goes. The yamaha's are 400 pounds each. What's the weight on the Verado 225's?
    Rick Loszewski[br]Derry, NH


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      I just looked at the weight and I found the verados are 635! Wow those are heavy. I may have to step down to the 200s which weigh 510. I talked to the insurance company and they said the manufacture has to send them a letter approving the increased HP over 400 which I dont think will happen. The 1989 L200ETXFs are running great for now so I may delay and wait until I have a failure. I like the Verados because of the steering and throttle by wire which would make rigging more simple. Eventually Id like to remove the oil system and go with a 4 stroke. Im also thinking about resale because I can do the repower and rerigging myself.