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ETech just goes to__the up position?

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  • ETech just goes to__the up position?

    While running yesterday my 225 ETec just went to the full up position and would not go down!! Trim motor was and continued to run after the engine was shut down. After cutting the wires and reversing the power the engine trimmed down. Anyone else experience this and what was the cause? repair?

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    I dont have any experience with E-tecs, but the first thing Id check would be for a faulty trim switch.

    If you cut and reversed the wires under the console, that would lead me to think the trim switch is sticking or shorting.

    I had a similar problem on a Mercury. Switching the wires under the console didnt work. That turned out to be a faulty up trim relay under the cowling.
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      disconnect the trim harness from the binnacle and see if the one on the side of the engine works correctly.
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        The number one reason is a faulty relay switch on the engine. I do keep a spare on the boat.
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          Thanks for the responses. I'll get it checked out and post a report. Snotty seas in the Gulf Saturday PM. The new bracket on my 21 made the ride in good, till the mishap. We had a dry ride even in the slop. Two nice ARS one over 10lbs made the trip even better.


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            I just replaced the trim switch on my '08 175 Etec. Mine stuck in the down position.

            Remove the cowl & disconnect the wires coming off the switch. It should stop the pump.

            The switch isn't expensive & they are known to go bad.
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              Switch replaced and good to go![]