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  • Optimax

    I bought my Optimax new in '11 and it has done great. I have done the basic maintenance and never had an issue. I think I picked up a bad load of gas on the water. Started to slowly have some issues during the day. On the way in from tarpon fishing I couldn't get over about 8mph. It wasn't in safety mode and was running heavy on fuel.

    Got home after about 2.5hrs. The next day I changed all the filters, drained the VST and plugs. Checked compression (worried about reeds eaten) and spark--both good. Still ran sick.

    Yesterday, I pulled the VST and cleaned it all out but it looked clean. Decided to do a Seafoam treatment in the VST as recommended on their site. Amazing! It was like a new engine again. Doing that treatment like that will be part of my maintenance schedule. I think I had a fuel system going south and a bad load of gas put it over the top. The throttle response is night/day. Just a heads up for maintenance.

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    Was this the treatment where you dump out the spin on filter and fill with Seafoam?

    Never mind...finally got the video to load - thanks.
    1992 211 w/175 OptiMax
    Glen Campbell, Pa.