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Etecs smell like bbq grills?

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  • Etecs smell like bbq grills?

    Yeah, weird I know but in the past 2 weeks I've been around a few boats running Etecs from 90hp-200hp and I swear they all smelled a lot like a gas grill.

    Is it the oil?

    And no, I'm not high!
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    I have a 2016 250 E-tec. Are you talking about the exhaust or the oil? Either way, both (the exhaust and the oil) smell different from regular or other 2 stroke exhaust and/or oil that we have. The recommended Evinrude XD100 oil for the E-tec does indeed smell; in fact stinks. In my opinion, the exhaust doesn't smell like a gas grill but I can't come up with a better comparative so use yours. I suppose if you burn something that stinks, the resulting exhaust gasses won't smell too good either.
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      Etec oil has a slight ammonia smell to it out of the container, so when burned it does have an different exhaust smell as well. I can tell you that it burns cleaner than anything out there. I've been using it in my non-Etec outboard that are carbed 2-strokes and even in those it burns smoke free, even when mixed 50:1 and plugs also say very clean.

      I bought a bunch of XD100 for $25/gal, so I've been running it in everything I have - weed whacker, blower, chain saw, etc....

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        Referring to the exhaust aroma...... I keep looking for hamburgers to magically appear!
        1988 Mako 17 Angler 2019 Suzuki DF140[br]1972 Mako 17 Standard 115 Yamaha-Sold[br]