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Another 171 repower thread

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  • Another 171 repower thread

    Hello all,

    sorry this is another 171 re-power thread but I'd need some confirmations before I drop the dough on a new engine.

    Boats a 91' in great condition running a 95' Envirude V4 VRO. The engine is iffy and has to go.

    I'm leaning towards a 115 Yamaha, prices are good here in Canada and I've work with Yam's up north for the past 4 years with no complaints. (Change my mind if you wantl!!)

    My question!

    Right now the 115 is on a stinger jack plate, to re-mount I was thinking of ditching the jack plate and going for a 20" shaft engine. Keeping the weight closer to the transom (yes?)


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    I ran a 1988 171 with a transom-mount Yamaha 115 4 stroke from 2000 till I sold it in 2013. It's a super combination. Plenty of power. Great reliability. Good fuel economy. You can't go wrong!


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      20 inch shaft is the way to go.

      I had a 25 incher on my 17 and it never was right even with a jack plate.
      1971 Angler 17[br]2000 Johnson 150[br]Miami, Fl


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        I would get the lowest weight 115 you can. I know the new Merc is pretty light, but not sure if its lighter than a Etec/Opti. These boats are so stern heavy. My deck is raised, console forward. fuel tank forward and I would still like to move my console up a hair.


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          we run a small fleet of carolina skiffs here at work, shop guy is a Yamaha certified outboard tech, does all of our work. He is moving all of our rigs to 4 stroke suzuki's.
          Richard Snyder[br]Wachapreague, VA[br][br][br]