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  • repower 17' mako

    Looking to repower Mako 17'. Suggestions: Shaft length? HP? Brand?
    Andrew Kjos

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    20 inch shaft any longer and you will need a jack plate.

    Go with a 4 cylinder 4 stroke.

    I'm a fan of Suzuki. I think the 140hp is 4 cylinders.
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      Everyone you ask will have their "favorite" brand. They all have positives & negatives.

      I wanted a 'Zuki 4 stroke, but came across an Etec with 300 hours that I couldn't pass up.

      They are amazing. So much torque & pretty comparable to the 4 strokes now

      with their fuel burn numbers. And if you are in Florida they're offering a full 10 year warranty serviced direct with the dealer - not a 3 plus 7 that has a 3rd party involved.

      I am convinced that a 175 4 stroke would have a hard time getting this 22'6" 2800# deep vee out of the water.

      With the 2 stroke - it jumps onto plane.
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        As someone who has a 171S with ETEC 90 (2010, and brand new powerhead and oil pump this spring): it is a really good motor BUT, I only can go about 28 knots if pegged. Plus, two strokes invariably leak oil.

        I am going to repower my boat with a 4 stroke Yamaha 115.

        Let us know what you ended up doing!


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          I would stick with a 2-stroke unless you rebuild the boat. These boats aren't made for motors of that weight. Unless you like water in the boat all the time.


          If you like 4-strokes take a look at the new Merc lineup. I know they shaved a lot of weight. Not sure of the weight savings on the 90/115's.

          90hp if its just you and another person and a light load. If you have carry more weight or do water sports I would go with the 115.


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            Depends on what you use it for. I have a 06 Mercury 90 4-stroke on my 17. Its not a speed demon by no means but it can easily push a couple people with gear. It does have a hard time getting on plane when pulling a wakeboarder but once up it will pull fine. I think a 4 blade prop would help if get up faster, but I don't tow enough to need it. It has no problem getting up when Im not towing. When sitting, water does enter the scuppers but doesnt go over the splash well.

            On our previous 17, it started out with an old Mariner 150 2-stroke which was way to heavy and overpowered. We repowerd it with an 01? Yamaha 115 2-stroke and it was perfect for that boat. I dont think that 17 had the splash well and from what I remember no water got on the deck while sitting. That 115 was a flawless motor, but at the end of the day its a 17 year old outboard. I know its not much of a suggestion but that is my experience
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              I have a 1987 Mako 17, I repowered last year. Went from a 90 merc to a 115 HO etec. The etec is very quiet and smooth. It is a little bit heaver then the Merc so I had to add the ping pong ball scuppers. Top speed with full tank of gas and 2 people, 38MPH I moved the batteries to console. The boat is going for paint in a few weeks!! I'll post picswhen done.