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    I'm in the middle of a transom rebuild on a 20B and 90% I want to increase the transom height to 25". Since I want to use my motor, my options were to change the right components for a 25" motor or go with an extension.

    Right now I'm leaning to the extension due to it being new parts vs used and being "all in" once I buy the kit. However, the "drill your motor with a hole saw" thing and seeing several posts of conflicting information whether people were happy with the solution has me second guessing.

    Looking to see if there was any first hand experiences here with these kits vs the component swap.
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    The kit install is pretty straight forward except for reaming the midsection to accommodate the shaft extension. this isn't that hard if you use two hole saws and a piece of threaded rod and take your time.

    the cost of the kits is getting up there, might want to think about selling your motor and buying one the length you need.

    another option is swap your power head to a correct length donor motor.

    buying all of the pieces to do this separately is gonna get expensive.

    a third option is go with longer lower unit and parts of bay kit without drive and shift shaft. this eliminates the need for reaming. if your motor has the 60 degree block and 2 piece input shaft on the lower unit I have a driveshaft for 25" midsection that might fit it.part # is 338574
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