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Classic 19 with 115 Yamaha fuel mileage ??

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  • Classic 19 with 115 Yamaha fuel mileage ??

    So I have a 70 19 that is currently outfitted with a 1996 Yamaha SS115. The engine runs good and the boat tops out at about 36 MPH on a calm day with me and my wife on board.

    The hull is primarily dry so Im not exactly sure on weight but it should be close to dry.

    The previous owner installed a 30 gallon plastic tank.

    Does anyone have experience with this engine and what kind of time or mileage I can get out of the 30 gallon tank ??

    Thanks !!
    1970 Mako 19

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    we have a 95 19 with its original 95 Yamaha 115. top end performance is similar but not quite as fast as yours (33 max with dinged up prop and dirty bottom). at a cruise rpm and speed of about 25, the fuel burn seems high for a small boat. my estimate for our boat, in ideal conditions (pretty flat) is a 12 gph burn at cruise or about 2 miles per gallon. unfortunately, the 30 gallon tank will limit you; they went to 60 gallons on the later models. the older boats are better for sure but they didn't think about range. we have a 77 25 mako that we installed a new 250 etech last year and that boat burns less than the 19. the Yamaha is a terrific engine and will last forever with some care but it does use fuel. good luck.
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      forgot to include my disclaimer; info given is for my boat; i certainly don't want you to run out of fuel somewhere and get in trouble based on my 2 cents of unscientific info. you really need to run some tests and calculations for your set up. regards.
      Buy quality, learn from my mistakes.[br]


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        I have a 70s 19 as well with a 2001 Yamaha 2 stroke. What size prop and brand are you guys running that you are getting high 30s.


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          There are a few factors to consider.

          Is the boat water logged at all? You mention primarily dry. I had a water logged 17 with a dirty bottom and wrong prop and the mileage sucked.

          Cleaned up the bottom and got the right prop and it almost doubled. Yeah it sucked that bad when I got it.

          I would make a few runs and calculate. Every boat is different and we can only estimate.
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            easiest way is to use a small tank and calculate how much fuel is used vs distance traveled. You can also look for a fuel flow meter to add as well, maybe find a good used one on ebay. I had an old Navman on my 20c which was very accurate and the yamaha one on the current motor is pretty close as well. These will give you real time economy numbers so you can dial in your best cruise speed, running angle, etc. On my 20 I would see anywhere from 1.5/1.75 loaded in chop to 2.8 in flat conditions running light and I would expect your motor/boat to probably have some similar numbers.
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