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  • Remanufactured Outboards

    I just got a Mako 19 and need a motor. I see online a few places that sell rebuilt or remanufactured. Does anyone have experience with this?

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    There are some reputable ones, Franzen Marine iirc out of Tampa. I have no experience with them however so that's 2nd/3rd hand.

    Heck I nearly bought someone else's Mako for the motor and was going to sell off the hull and trailer to offset it!


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      Stay away from Blackbird in Pennsylvania - I sent a powerhead in for rebuild and they cut corners - several pieces were never removed in the job, such as waterr jackets - i removed them and were still caked with salt

      I have bought an engine and worked with Franzen Marine of Tampa - I highly recommend them and will do business with them again some day


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        X2 on Franzen. He's a solid dude. His beside manner could use some help but he knows his stuff.
        '90 Tuppens 231 Polk City, FL