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1989 171 Standard Repower

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  • 1989 171 Standard Repower

    Repowering my 89’ 171 standard, currently has a 89’ 2 stroke Johnson, considering a new 90hp 4 stroke merc or a 115 merc 4 stroke command thrust. Given that the 115 is close to the same weight as the 90 and that the boat is rated to 135 hp I’m leaning 115 (not to mention the additional prop options on the CT)

    2 questions

    1. anyone have experience with either of these engines on this hill? It looks like I’m picking up 40 - 60lbs on the transom but doesn’t look like that’s an issue

    2. if I go command thrust any prop recommendation?

    thank you

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    Would like to hear what option you went with. I have the same boat and I'm about to repower as well. Leaning toward the Mercury 115.

    1988 Mako 171, 1985 Mako 20C