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  • No power

    Have 17 ft Mako skiff w/60 hp mercury. Motor will not start. Have power to all switches and pumps but can not get a waning beep that engine is about to start. Replaced ignition switch and jumper kill switch and that did not work. Anyone had this problem? Boat is 2013

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    is there a fuse block on the side of the motor? Trim-tilt work? I assume no starter either?


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      I will check the fuses. You are correct, no tilt-trim or starter. Thank you


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        Hmm, the no crank could be a few things, with battery cutoff switch ON, check for 12V at the starter solenoid on the motor, you should have that. Next, if you can get help or a clip check to see if you get 12v at the solenoid on the small yellow (I think its yellow, may be red/yellow striped) wire when you go to start the motor. If that doesn't change then its likely the harness plug is loose/corroded or the neutral safety switch failed (in the throttle housing).

        The trim-tilt also not working, leads me to the harness plug or a bad ground though.


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          found two ATM fuses 15 and 25 blown, replaced nothing, have power to starter will check throttle safety this weekend. Thanks for the advise.


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            The neutral safety was corroded. Was able to clean and now have the SWEET sound of a running motor . Taking some time off work this week . Going island hopping
            off the inter coastal waterway in Dunedin with the wife. Thanks for the great advise.


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              Glad to hear it!