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Cobbled together HPDI?

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  • Cobbled together HPDI?

    So, I recently bought a 261 with 2001 200 HPDI Z200TXRZ motors.

    I went to change the fuel filter and the new ones won’t fit. I’ve double-checked the part numbers and they gave me the correct ones. But, the housing looks different than the parts diagram has. I’m wondering if they robbed this off of some other motor and stick it on here. Can anyone identify this part?

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    Can't answer your question, but why is it in your fridge?
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      its in the freezer, I'm guessing he was trying to get it to shrink as its just shy of fitting in wherever its 'supposed' to go. I've done that with bolts that were a snug fit or bearing races.


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        My 07 F225 has a very similar looking filter as the fuel exits the rigging tube under the hood. It has to be put in the freezer to get the plastic bowl to let go of the rubber o-ring. The plastic will break if you try to turn it too hard. You should reach out to the guys on the Yamaha forum. They are pretty sharp on most everything Yami.
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          Thanks! Yes, in the fridge to try to get it shrink up and release from the housing. I’ll check out the Yamaha forum, thanks!