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21b HP Experience - new motor

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  • 21b HP Experience - new motor

    Looking at used, but most likely a new repower.

    Currently has a dead 2 stroke Yamaha saltwater series ox66 250hp on it.

    I saw another thread related to +/- 15hp on boat ratings. Looks like the 21b is rated for 235hp.

    Would you guys suggest sticking with a 2 stroke or 4 stroke? I'm guessing NO on a 4 stroke due to weight.

    Is 2 stroke 225 plenty for this boat?

    I plan on keeping the oil tank, batteries forward in the console. Probably not going to use the livewell in the floor either.
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    I have a 1994 Merc 3.0 offshore 225hp 2 stroke, moves 3 people and full tank at 46+ over water, and that's with a prop that doesnt spin past 5100 rpm... yeah 225 is enough for our boats. I'll be replacing transom this winter and adding flotation bracket so I'll repower at that point to a 4stroke for improved efficiency, quiet, but really the range. If you go 4 stroke without rasing transom or added flotation you'll want to stay smaller 4 stroke like a Suzuki 175 I think Merc has some newer 4cyl that are lighter as well.