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    Hello all,
    I am new to the forum i just picked up a 1980 mako 25 with twin 1997 mariner 150 EFI XL. I am not having any issues with the starboard engine but the port side is another story. When i have the hose on the engine it fires right up with a constant beeping alarm until the rpm comes up then the alarm shuts off. I also had it down on the water and tried starting the engine and it wouldn’t start. With the engine started it is “peeing water” consistently. This is my first boat with outboards so sorry for the lack of knowledge. Any input will help. Thanks I’m advance

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    Try searching for a troubleshooting chart for your engine. This one came up easily, but I’m not sure it’s the right match for your engine.

    Click image for larger version

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      Simple things first. Most alarms won't go away as yours seems to have done. I would check to see if that motor has a water in the gas sensor, a wire attached to the bottom of the fuel filter on the motor. Your alarm could be water detection.
      Let's also confirm that when you turn the key to the first position ( not the crank position) the alarm sounds and doesn't stop.
      Also, with the boat out of the water, the ignition OFF and the throttle in neutral, try turning the prop by hand to make sure the LU is not in gear.

      What gauges do you have. You might have a low oil condition or a malfunction of the oil sensor. Check the oil tank on the motor, it should be full.


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        Thank you for the responses! I had water in the fuel filter.