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95 211 motor options?

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  • 95 211 motor options?

    I tried to call Tracker Marine for some specs on my hull, only to get "we did not acquire that information" as an answer. I know the boat is rated for 250hp and a '95 250hp merc was 460lbs, the '02 200hp Optimax on it now is 512lb. A 200hp Honda or Evinrude is over 600lbs and most 200hp outboards are even heavier than 500lbs now too. Maybe they made it for twin 115s and weigth is not an issue? So would anyone know what the least HP you could use and better yet how much weight can I put on the transom and not have the boat drag its bottom around all day? It might also be called a 95 M22 because they changed the model name mid year.

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    If you are concerned about weight to power, IMO you can't beat a new Mercury Four Stroke. A 25" 225hp V6 weighs in under 500 lbs. Plus rigging it should be fairly easy as you have an Opti and you could likely use the same prop.
    95 232 w/225 Opti Hollywood, FL