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1995 232b Repower - Suzuki 300???

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  • 1995 232b Repower - Suzuki 300???

    Hi All - I would like to ask if anyone has any first hand experience with a 300 Suzuki on either a 221b or 232b? I have understand that with a 250 Suzuki these boats will sit a little lower at the stern but that trim is manageable and the boat handles the added weight in an acceptable way. With the modest extra weight of the 300 over the 250, I am tempted to go with a 300 and compensate by shifting weight forward on the boat where possible. I have looked to see if this topic has been discussed in other posts but have not found anything. If anyone has any experience with a 300, I would appreciate your perspective.

  • #2 grandson and I have a Mako 201 (20' 4") center console,we got a great deal on a 200HP Suzuki V-6 four stroke,we removed the older 200HP two stroke Mercury ....with the added weight of the Suzuki we went down another inch and a half at the waterline.We removed the custom bait tank (35 gall) made a wee bit difference,so we now have about six inches of freeboard,we can live with that,also,no problem under way,we just don't stop too fast......we also only half fill the 100 gall gas tank.....


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      I do not have first hand knowledge, but did look at ALOT of 232's and research different setups. Is your tank original, and what year is hull? I had looked at a few that did different things with tank to help manage center of gravity:
      One was smaller tank, mounted all the forward, and aft of tank foam filled. 30-50 gallons less with weight shifted forward make a big difference, and with single 4-stroke on a 23' boat you still have plenty of range.
      Another option is 2 tanks splitting fuel. Owner primarily used the forward tank, only filled rear tank for offshore trips and used that tank first. I don't think split was 50/50, I think it was 70% front tank and 30% rear tank.

      You can search for member Stroken, Tim has a project tread with 221b that is powered with 300 Yamaha. He didn't do any tank adjustments and I don't think he has any issues.
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        I think the idea of shrinking the tank down to 75-80 gallons is a great idea. A 300 will get around 3 MPG on that hull all day long. A floatation bracket would also make it a sweet ride and turn it into a 25' boat.
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          All - thanks very much. I appreciate the input. Going to go with the 300 and cut the tank back to 110 gallons or so. I will update as things move along over the next month or so.


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            Suzuki 250 and 300 are both the same motor, with the 250 having a detuned PCM. According to Mike L from Outboard Specialties with whom I spoke about this very subject at the Miami boat show 2 days ago.

            Not sure you can shift enough weight forward, but reducing the tank capacity and moving it fwd, moving the batteries fwd into the console will also help. Another piece is if you cna raise the transom and go with a 30" shaft vs the 25". I still think that without flotation boxes or a flotation bracket its going to sit low in the rear with anything more than a 4 cylinder (suzuki 175/200 same motor).