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1999 Mako Bay Shark refit equals dead 2 stroke dilemma!

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  • 1999 Mako Bay Shark refit equals dead 2 stroke dilemma!

    I did a complete refit on a 1999 Mako Bay Shark 2100. I spent about 250 hours of my labor, also subbed out some of the gel coat, paint work and spent over $12k in parts on it and the trailer. I also had the 1999 Mercury 200 hp 2 stroke checked out, painted with Algriped, new decals and some motor issues repaired. The motor was given a clean bill of health and the boat was absolutely stunning. And it turned heads every where it went. Until the bad head gasket caused one of the pistons to cook! Ugh!! Any way you look at it, to repair or replace the motor puts the value incredibly off kilter and financially upside down. Boat only did 32 knots with the 200hp so I'm feeling more hp should be considered. Any input is appreciated!

    So basically there is no budget left and it looks very sad in my drive way. So for sh&#! and giggles I need some input from the group should I consider:
    1. spend $1,500 plus labor putting a used powerhead on the motor?
    2. Spend $4k plus labor replacing the powerhead with a reman?
    3. Find a used take off 200-225hp mercury for $2,500-$8k plus up to $1k for labor?
    4. Buy a new Mercury 200-225 2 stroke for $18k plus install?
    5. Buy a new Suzuki 200hp 4 stroke with install for $15,500?
    6. Can someone give me an idea of the boat value less an operating engine?
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    The boat looks very nice from the pics. Running, I see similar hulls around that year asking 11-12k so assume they would take less. I don't think you would get back your investment rigging a new motor, I am not a big fan of remans unless done by the manufacturer and with a relatively decent warranty.
    If you would keep the boat for years and don't want to worry about reliability, go for a new motor but if you may want to sell it, look for a running used motor that will require the least amount of re-rigging.
    Good luck


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      Thanks for the feed back!


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        If you just want to get it running as cheap as possible take a gamble throw a used power head on it and see what happens. It would be a shame to sell that motor for parts after a fresh paint job.

        However a new to you higher hp motor would be my go to, but I never really sell my boats either.
        Georgetown, South Carolina


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          If you can do the refitting yourself get a used motor. I’m sure you can pick one up for about 2200$ (Offer Up). Be sure to do the compression check, etc. You can take the engine cover and other updated parts from your old engine (sell the block for scrap). BTW, what a gorgeous boat!


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            1. spend $1,500 plus labor putting a used powerhead on the motor

            That should get you a couple of years and then go for anew motor if you will keep the boat. Its really a nicely done, and I totally understand.

            I don't know where you're located (looks Florida-ish) but I'd call up Outboard Specialties in Pompano Beach see what used take offs they have. I drive by every once in a while and there always piles of used take off outboards.