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    Happy new year people! Getting ready to repower my 83 236. Looking to stay gas, the same foot print, and would like to go EFI. I’m leaning towards a complete crate 383 stroker. Let me hear your thoughts...


    Brand new (to me) 1983 236

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    As far as staying in the same footprint, the Mercruiser 383 is your best bet. I like the 6.0 Crusader, but the issue is that requires rewokring of the engine mounts. If your engine mounts are original, theres a good chance they're due to be replaced anyways, so it may not be a big deal to change the footprint after all. Also, I don't have any actually quotes, but it appears that the 6.0 crusader is approximately 30%-40% more expensive then Mercruiser. I currently have a 2bbl Mercruiser 5.7. When the time comes, I will most likely be going with a crate 383 Mercruiser. Check out Michigan Motorz for some pricing and options.


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      I am getting pretty close to repowering my 1979 236. Following! What area of the country are you located? I am in the Fort Lauderdale area.
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