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2005 Johnson 150 (J150PLSOE) Water Pump Troubles

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  • 2005 Johnson 150 (J150PLSOE) Water Pump Troubles

    Just finished doing complete water pump replacements in my 2005 Johnson 150 2-strokes. After making certain that everything was lined up properly and sealed up, I put the lower units back together and waited a while for the sealants to cure. The port engine sees about 10psi on the new water pressure gauge, but the stbd sees effectively zero. I did notice that there is water pouring out from the seam between the exhaust section of the engine and the lower unit. Is this normal or should I take them back down and check for pump-to-tube alignment? Also, when I took the old pumps out, neither of them had an extension tube on the water pump outlet to attach to the water tube. My kits had these parts included, but I didn't install them because the old pumps didn't have them. Did I screw that up? Engines are 2005 J150PLSOE. I am pretty sure these are 20" shaft motors.

    Thanks and welcome back all!
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