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Recently purchased a 1983 Mako 26' Ideas?...

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  • Recently purchased a 1983 Mako 26' Ideas?...

    Good day all!

    I am new to the forum and I just wanted to get acquainted here. I have already been poking around and saw a lot of projects that I would like to do to the boat but have a laundry list of things I will need to accomplish first.

    A little back story. My girlfriend and I purchased this 1983 Mako 26' here in the BVI. We basically paid for the 2x 2015 Yamaha four stroke 115hp engines with 160hrs and got the boat for free. The owners were not boat people and it looks to me like they must have hit the dock every time they came in...

    Immediately after I purchased it I hauled the boat out for an engine service and noticed the deck to hull joint was dis connected in some places. I couldn't bare looking at the paint peeling off so I went ahead and ripped the rub rail off and began to take every deck to hull joint screw out to begin assessing the real situation. It looks like the rubrail had been replaced a number of times judging by the amount of holes in it. I went ahead and re connected the deck to hull joint and made sure every screw set properly with 5200.

    We then went ahead and sanded the whole hull above the water line to prep for paint. After a couple afternoons of sanding we moved on to primer, fairing and repeat... We finally got around to paint. Of course I let my girlfriend choose the color. We went with an Awlgrip 'Light Gray'. We did two coats and she came out looking sweet after the black bottom paint!

    I put the old rub rail back on because I knew it would have to come back off when we had time to do the top sides. I noticed the deck has separated from the hull by the console on the port side. Is this a common issue with this model? It is definitely on the list of things to do when we get to doing the top sides in the coming weeks. (We put it off because we had some family coming into town and wanted to have some fun on the boat)

    And the transom... I really want to close it in and put the extended engine mount bracket on it but don't see it I the cards in the immediate future. I will need to do something as I have noticed that the bolts connecting the engines have been over tightened and have cracked the glass a bit. So its on the list sooner than later.

    I will look forward to any advise or comments. I wish I had the resources and time to completely strip her and do it right but I am working with the budget and time I have at the moment while working a full time job. She is not a show boat and I will be using her to fish around here and do some day charters running people around the islands. I just want it to be safe, reliable, fish-able and look good... enough.

    Couple questions about the boat;

    -What model is this boat? 251?

    -My friend owns and operates a marine salvage company here in the BVI and warned me about the low open transom. He says he floats 5-10 Mako's a year due to them taking on water through the transom and sinking.

    Any insight on this?

    Ways to help prevent this without closing in the transom?

    -I bought the boat with 2x Yamaha Four stroke 115hp w/ 160 hrs. Great deal for the money we spent on her but seems a bit under powered compared to others I have been seeing on here. She cruises at about 20mph at 3800 rpm She will do 30mph at 4500 but I don't like to push the engines too much unless I have to. Thoughts?

    -The boat is listing to port a bit I am worried I have some saturated foam. What would be the easiest way to check and what would it take to replace the foam?

    -Any other info of tips for me would be greatly appreciated!!

    P.S. How do you post photos??

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    welcome to CM. To post pictures you need to upload them to an image server like IMGUR then post the IMG code in your posts. Sounds like you have a 251 or 254. Water over the transom is usually from trying to back into a head sea or too much weight in the stern. move your batteries up under the console for starters. I think these hulls need at least 250 hp to perform but work extremely well with 300hp.
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