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Mako 20 (I am back)

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  • Mako 20 (I am back)

    I have been loving my 19 after a full restore and it has been great. It was my first restore and has been real reliable and fun for years. (

    I grabbed a mako 20 and 23 as a package deal. this thread will be about the 20. Going to sell 2 of the 3...kinda hoping to keep the 23, but really want a 26 now... Back to the 20.

    This boat looks all original and really really clean. This is not going to take much to make it a great boat. Dirty, but whatever.

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    I bought the boat without testing the engine or really doing any checking. Engine must have very little hours on it because it is spotless.

    I got it running with a basic carb clean running off a tank with good gas and a fresh battery.

    Dropped the seats off to be re-done.

    A good scrub with bar keepers.

    Debating on how much I actually re-do on this boat with it being so clean.

    Debate - restore or paint the teak.

    Debate - paint deck white or leave it original.


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        Got minor set back with snow today.