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  • Looking for a boat builder

    He guys Im looking for a boat builder that knows makos to talk about a pretty extreme project. Looking to build the ultimate fishing machine from a 221b and trying to figure out the possibilities

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    It would help if you said where you are located
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      Yeah good call. Im in southwest Florida but Im willing to travel all over the gulf coast if my insane ideas are actually possible lol


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        Maybe you guys could give me your opinion. I know its out there but I love this boat and have never seen one this size thats setup like I want. First is turn it into a 3 piece instead of a 2 piece. Cut the gunnel out from where it meets the transom to the anchor locker including front fish boxes and reinforce the top cap. Then either change out the whole console to a more narrow one to give more room on either side. Then in front of the console would be a small coffin box with storage underneath. Before I extend the floor to the hull I would rip up the floor, replace the tank with an 80 or 100gal tank, remove foam in spots to put in floor boxes anywhere I could. New t-top with half tower, and that just leaves the transom. The front half of the transom gotta go and I would put in a 45 gallon livewell in the center with a glass window and fold down seats on either side. I know it sounds crazy but that would give me 360 degree fish ability and that I would get in something like a 28 or 32 contender but have very easy transport of my smaller hull. I run a charter business and wanna just build the ultimate easily hauled fishing machine where if my regulars wanna go after sailfish on the east coast instead of the normal tarpon trips then I can do it easily.


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          look up stoner boatworks

          josh went to highschool with me, very experienced, builds great product. takes pride in his work.
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            check out badfish's thread. I would choose a shop wisely. Many will say they can do it, but the best ones would put you on a 6-12 month waiting list - that's typically the shop that does the best work IMO>

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              Any chance you will do it yourself? The liner is my thoughts for mine as well. I already removed the aft section.
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                With that much work why not call the guys in Wanchese NC

                Lots of terrific builders with the skills and resources to get it done.

                Blackwell, blue devil, Richie Howell, spencer, and on and on.

                Very least fly up and discuss